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Red Corner Fits You

At Red Corner, we don't just make boxing fitness gear for anyone - we make it for you. No matter who you are. Woman or man, amateur or pro. We've actually got quality boxing gloves and mitts made to fit not just your hands, but your skill level. Whoever you are, you'll get more out of every workout with our gear - because Red Corner fits you. 

Our team at Red Corner has over 70 years combined product research and development experience for sporting and fitness products. We developed our range of gear for fitness boxing because of the popularity of this activity - and yet very few products on the market have been designed to account for the different hand shapes between men and women. So we addressed this - and after 18 months of design and feature changes in our products to make sure they fit you - we are ready to launch! We hope you love our gear!

Fitness Boxing Gear Designed by Women for Women

Fitness boxing is an exhilarating way for women to improve cardio, strength and balance. Red Corner completes this energetic picture by making products with visible value and customised gender fit.  It’s simple, just try our gear and compare the difference. See the little details and feel the quality in the materials we use.  3 great ranges; Spar, Bout and Fight cater for how serious you want to be.

In October 2015 Red Corner went outside the box and the Silver label range. This range was designed with not only quality and function in mind but also fashion. The dynamic prints and patterns are truly eye catching and are turning heads everywhere.

Red Corner Boxing women’s range is meticulously designed by women for women. 

Boxing Gear for Men

Fitness boxing quickly improves cardio output, strength, speed and balance.  Individual ring sessions or class workouts are challenging and demanding for men looking for a complete training activity.  Red Corner Boxing offers quality gear with visible value, tested materials and customised gender fit.  3 great ranges; Spar, Bout and Fight cater for how serious you want to be.

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