Safety Warning – Red Corner Boxing

Safety Warning


Here is some important information to help you make an appropriate personal choice relating to activities and the use of Red Corner boxing products.

Boxing, martial arts, kick boxing and related fitness activities that use this product are contact activities which can result in serious injury and or death.  Approval by your physician prior to partaking in any of these activities is necessary. Qualified instruction for correct technique is also advised to reduce risk of injury.

Red Corner boxing equipment provides a degree of protection to the user who would otherwise be at greater risk without using the product.  Users of Red Corner equipment do so at their own risk as Red Corner products are not warranted to prevent injury or death. These products are made with care using quality materials, however all materials, natural or man-made, will lose effectiveness for the designed purpose over time and will require replacement.

Red Corner is Australian owned. Our designs have been researched and developed both in Australia and India and are made in India.

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